Our Galaxy and Black Holes

The Milky Way

A galaxy is a massive group of stars, star clusters, and dark matter held together by gravity. Our galaxy is home to over 200 million stars, which isn't a small or large ammount other galaxies, that have trillions of stars. From Earth The Milky Way can be seen, if there isn't much light pollution. From the Earth The Milky Way's dust and gas can be seen. The galaxy is about 100,000 lightyears diameter, small comparared to galaxies such as the elliptical galaxy which is 980,000 lightyears in diameter.

What orbiting a black hole looks like---->

Black holes

In the center of galaxies is common to have a black Hole. In our galaxy there is a black hole about 22,5 million kilometers across which isn't big compared to other galaxies that have much bigger black holes. A black hole is place in space where gravity pulls so strong that light itself can't escape. Black holes are formed when an object, any object's mass is condensed so much that its gravity causes it to collapse into itself. ANYTHING can become a black hole.